Samsung Smart Things Water Leak Sensor

Samsung Smart Things Water Leak Sensor

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Samsung Smart Things Water Leak Sensor

The SmartThings water leak sensor monitors moisture and water leaks to prevent flooding or other unexpected disasters. This sensor can also monitor temperature and give alerts through thermostats to give updates on the status of your smart home. Sudden rises or Falls in temperature can be recorded and viewed from the Samsung SmartThings water leak sensor on the SmartThings free mobile app.

Comes With:

  • (1) Water Sensor
  • Batteries

Works With:

  • Google Home
  • Amazon Echo

Hub Required:

  • SmartThings


  • Availability Zone: Smart things Water Leak Sensor is ONLY available in the U.S.
  • Immediate alerts: get instant phone alerts at the first sign of excess water or moisture to prevent leaks and flooding
  • Notification options: light or siren alerts turn on If water is detected where it doesn't belong and monitors temperature too (requires 32 to 104°f operating temperature)
  • Accident prevention: program your connected smart devices to shut down Electronics when abnormal moisture or temperature is detected
  • Requirements: must have SmartThings app and SmartThings hub or compatible device with SmartThings hub functionality (connected devices sold separately)

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