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Who We Are

We KNOW Smart Home Technology is the next Industrial Revolution.

Using smart home devices you can easily improve your home life, making it easier control your safety, energy consumption, and monitor you and your loved one's health.

The issues with this new technology is learning how it all works together and how to control it. There are many smart home companies trying to lock you into another monthly fee.

This is the focal point of SMART ALEX is to design an inexpensive solution to allow you the benefit of smart technology without paying another monthly fee for the rest of your life. We understand that there is not one technology solution for everyone so we deign your system with your lifestyle in mind.

As you outfit your home with various products, light bulbs, security cameras, doorbells, and more, it becomes tedious managing your home. Every smart device is accompanied with an app on your phone or tablet to control it. We've taken out the middle man and developed an app to make even the novice users to master this technology.

ALEX is our fully integrated app that connects your home and allows you to control everything from the palm of your hand. Ranging from changing the temperature, to locking the doors at night, to monitoring a loved ones sleep habits.


Our Mission

SMART ALEX will provide smart home solutions to those who will benefit the most. This includes people with disabilities, seniors, and those without the technical acumen to live in a smart world.

Our Merit

In a market where impersonal selling is the norm, we've taken the position that there is a segment of the market that lacks the technical expertise to build out a smart home. We believe our solutions overcome the technical complexities and allow access to that segment.

Our Promise

Our core belief is that users of smart home technology should never pay a monthly or annual fee. We also belive the information contained in this technology is very personal and should never be sold to marketers. We view this as a invasion of privacy, and SMART ALEX SOLUTIONS are geared towards no fees and protecting your privacy.

Our Impact

SMART ALEX lends its technical expertise to people that are lacking it. We offer sales, installation, and service. We also specialize in education and training of this technology. We believe that understanding it is the first step to acceptance.



Robert is an IT professional with expertise in hardware and software verification and validation. He has worked in multiple technological industries over his 30+ years in the business. He has worked for 6 successful startups and several fortune 500 companies. He is well versed in main frame computing, video imaging, networking and storage. He has worked as an individual contributor and as a manager. He has directed organizations with 70 employees and has managed teams globally.

Robert is a very social, outgoing person and enjoys meeting new people. He loves a challenge and finds personal success by solving issues for others. This fits well with his skills in customer service.


A graduate of Umass-Lowell with a bachelor’s in business administration, George spent over 25 years working in Finance and Business Operation in Manufacturing, Software and Service industries as a Divisional Controller, Human Resources and Operation. He has successfully taken 3 companies through financial hardship to a successful transaction.

George is very customer service orientated and believes that Smart Technology is a true benefit to Seniors and persons with disabilities. He also believes those people have not been reached by today’s impersonal selling by mass marketers through websites; and there is a huge business opportunity to build an organization around this concept to allow folks to live at home longer than previous generations.


Dylan Colantuoni

Technical Support

Graduated from Nashoba Valley Technical

Specialized in Technical Support

Experience in Programming and Web Devolopment

Sam Colantuoni

Business Admin / Customer Service

Attended the University of New Hampshire.

Specialize in Customer Relations

Experience in Web Design, Accounting, and Technical Operations.


Jeanne-Rita Colantuoni

Business Admin Staff