We design Smart Home solutions with the user's technical abilities in mind.

Our "Smart Alex Controller" tablet can be customized to leverage the benefits of Smart Home Automation, and help you or your loved ones live independently, longer, and smarter. 


Our SMART HOME IN A BOX solutions are configured and tested to be 100% compatible with all products retailed by Smart Alex.  Each solution is designed for specific needs - often requested for by our clients.

SMART HOME  -  All the fun and convenience that smart devices bring you today - without the hassle of setting it all up yourself. Our Home solution comes with suggested products - or can be customized the way YOU want it.

SMART HEALTH - Our Health solution is designed with monitoring and sharing your key health indicators with your Healthcare Providers. This Box can be designed to monitor and alert on key health issues.

SMART SECURITY - Our Security solution will monitor your (or your loved ones) home inside and out.  Get alerts when your security has been breached. This Box can be designed to alert on fire and flooding as well.

SMART ENERGY - Put the power in your hands by making energy use more flexible, more dependable, and eco-friendly.  Take your home from ordinary to extraordinary with our Energy solution, while also contributing to a more energy efficient world.