1. The Benefits of SMART ALEX Installation
  3. We're building our company one happy customer at a time.
  4. All Installation is 100% Guaranteed. SMART ALEX provides full installation of products purchased from us along with over the phone support in the case you have any problems after we leave.
  5. Most Devices are not plug and play which results in confusion.
  6. Our expert installers go through on-going training to stay up to date with all new technology.
  7. Before installation there is optional WI-FI testing to ensure you get the full benefits out of your smart home devices and ensure you get the most out of your network.
  8. Along with installation SMART ALEX also provides over the phone customer support to resolve all issues.


  1. Consultations



  1. SMART ALEX offers free professional quotes for smart technology, this entails a phone consultation to find out your smart home requirements and a possible visit to your home to analyze your internet, and explain how much it would cost to furnish your home in smart technology.
  2. Do not overpay with endless fees from companies trying to trap you into another monthly fee.
  3. SMART ALEX also offers over the phone and in person support both cost $125 per hour.