About Us

Independent Living at it's Best

Welcome to SMART ALEX!

SMART Home Automation Made Simple for Independent Living

Life is complicated enough without spending a LOT of time setting up a reliable Smart Home.  Devices might be "compatible" with Google and Alexa, but that does not mean easy or simple.

We have taken the confusion out of smart home automation by designing a system that is customizable to all skill levels.

Whether you want the latest, greatest Smart Home for yourself, or want to monitor and keep aging loved ones safe, we have the Smart Home in a Box for you.

We have taken the best of today’s technology, tested it for interoperability and bundled it to simplify the buying process. 

We offer a turnkey solution of worry-free smart home technology, complete with IT training specialists.

Realize the savings of smart technology, instead of just adding another monthly fee to a company looking to sell your information to advertisers. 

We have purposely chosen devices that have no monthly fees and we will not sell your information to marketers. Your information is safe with us. 

We are a company built for seniors and run by seniors. We believe that seniors have been left behind by smart technology and much of the communications geared towards seniors are quite condescending. Being seniors ourselves, and having worked in technology a combined 65 years, we understand the potential smart technology plays in our lifestyle, and we want to share that vision with today’s seniors.

Some of our benefits include:

  • Designed for your technical skill level
  • Your privacy secured by Samsung KNOX
  • Customized for your lifestyle
  • SMART ALEX Controller - only one device to control all
  • Face to face support right from your Controller
  • Expert training along the way